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Lose To Win™

Want to lose weight but don’t know how or where to start? Make that first step towards a healthier lifestyle by signing up for Lose To Win™ today!
Previously a 12-week programme, this latest iteration of Lose To Win™ has been shortened to 5 weeks to make it more accessible for everyone – especially busy individuals like you!
Organised by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), Lose To Win™ has helped more than 4,000 participants get in shape. In addition to being a holistic weight-loss programme, Lose To Win™ is a fun and interactive way to shape up with like-minded individuals, through exercise, nutrition and positive mental wellbeing.
With the help of qualified weight-loss experts, this programme will teach you how to stay fit and healthy the right way.
Please note that the registration fee to join the 5-week version of Lose To Win™ is $20 and this will be non-refundable.  This will entitle you to the induction pack (with exclusive LTW t-shirt, water bottle, bag, exercise video and resources etc), workshops and physical activity sessions!
Find out more about the programme here.

  • Singapore Singaporeans and PRs aged 18 to 64 as of 13 January 2015
    (Participants aged 18 to 20 must have parental consent to participate)
  • Previous Lose To Win™ participants cannot join again
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) range:  23.0 to 37.4 (Asian) / 25.0 to 39.9 (Non-Asian)
  • Ability to perform moderate-intensity physical activity
  • Completed HPB’s Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and Certified Medical Advisory form (if required)
  • No heart disease, history of heart disease, heart attack or stroke
  • Pregnant women are not eligible to join

Final confirmation of your participation will be decided by Health Promotion Board.

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